The Future Is Technology: For One & All

How much do we know about technology today? This question does not imply only to applications that we use daily. Almost every individual knows how social media or delivery apps work. But are we curious enough to question the technical work involved in making them function effectively? Perhaps not, because it is human nature to take things for granted as they come. 

We are living in a time where devices once considered hi-tech are soon becoming obsolete. Technology has advanced beyond our knowledge and children know more than what we knew or understood at their age. Parents are proud and perplexed at the same time to learn how quickly kids grasp things today. Education modules have incorporated basic technical training to help kids start young, and build curiosity. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when they set up simple gizmos at home without a technician’s assistance. 

Virtual assistants like Alexa and Google have been engineered to make life easier. These programs can be synced to every gadget in the household and a person needs to just talk to them to get information on any subject. With such programs handy we don’t have to worry about sitting down to type out anything in the nick of time. New features are being added to these applications regularly and soon they’ll be offering kits that enthusiasts can modify to personalize their technology. 

The world is progressing but not without its own set of complications. We depend on engineers and scientists to fix problems for which we are not qualified. And perhaps only another 1% of the world’s population is constructing solutions for these complications. Won’t it be better if more and more people begin to take an interest in the fundamentals of technology? It will only be beneficial to be able to function efficiently and assist that 1% to come up with results. 

Knowledge is a wonderful gift, and it is up to us to upgrade it. And technology will always thrive, so we must accept that technical knowledge is in the present and it is our future too!