Who We Are

Astra Techz

Technology Solution Designers

As a cutting edge technology team, we are driven by our enthusiasm to bring global technology outreach and digital transformation to enhance our client business processes . We propose to bring best in class solutions, stack and innovation to help brands create scalable technology presence.
We design AI Tools, Mobile Applications, Custom Management Softwares, Websites and more.. Our diverse technical understanding has proven to be an immense benefit for our past clients. We are enabled with Solution Consulting, therefore capable of transforming client's complex data problems into simplified solutions with state-of-the-art technology. Beyond development, we carefully orchestrate the optimisation of numerous technical nuances, making it easy for our client's end users to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for, while enabling their conversion into paying customers. We are your partners in creating a technology experience that can transform users into your followers and your customers into ambassadors.
What sets us apart is our extensive digital & technology expertise, along with decades of experience and network from doing business in urban and remote landscapes. Our user-centric approach allows us to listen to you, understand your business need and target audience, to create and curate an online presence that is customized for you & your customers, perfectly.

Trusted By Over 100+ Businesses.